Friday, May 7, 2010

Top Ten Hole In One Prizes for 2010...

While cars, motorcycles and cash are perennial favorites for hole in one prizes, with the economy still presenting a challenge for many tournament directors, here is a top ten list of "dream" hole in one prizes designed to grab the attention of golfers and pique the curiosity of your local media!
(And just think about all of the new sponsorship opportunities this list affords!)

10.  Gamer’s Delight
82” Television, Surround Sound, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii & Wii Fi + $500 for game software

9.  3D TV Package
TVs, Glasses, Blu-Rays

8. i-Home Package
Apple computers, iPhones, iPads, iPods for everyone in the family

7.  The High Roller Experience 
Vacation packages to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo including $10,000 or more in cash to play with

6.  "Shop in the City" Girls Getaway or "Bro-tastic" Guys Getaway
Roundtrip airfare and 7-night hotel stay in NYC or Vegas for 4 ppl, plus $25,000 in cash

5.  Ultimate Ticket
Two tickets for the Super Bowl, Masters, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup and World Series

4.  Wheel Deal
His and her cars complete with GPS, Satellite Radio, Nintendo DS & PSP systems, DVD players

3.  Extreme Patio/Backyard Makeover
Gazebo or Pavillion, hot tub/pool, outdoor kitchen with grill, refrigerator, seating area, landscaping

2.  Big Green Makeover
Hybrid or Smart Car, new Energy Star appliances, solar roof, water-sensible landscaping, etc.

1.  $1,000,000 Debt Eraser
Nothing beats a giant check to pay off every bill!

And, because all of these "dream" prizes are insurable, when a player aces, Hole In One International will be there to write the check...up to a million bucks.  Looking for something more traditional? Check out our hole in one prize packages.

Have a suggestion for a "dream" hole in one prize? Post it in our comments section!

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